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    Marius Constantin

    Probleme cutie Easytronic

    Problema Easytronic-ului sa rezolvat prin reparare schimbat carbuni si suport dar ca baieti nu stiau cum sa calibreze piesa ...intrUn final am dat de cnv priceput care a reusit calibrarea cu MDI.
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    Probleme cutie Easytronic

    Salut Marius eu aveam cam aceleași probleme cu vectra mea la semafor pleca cu întârziere schimbarea de trepte se faceau cam dur si am hotărât să o trec pe cutie manuala si am si reusit din prima iti trebuie cutie,timonerie,pedalier si am optat pentru schimbarea instalației de la motor decat cu modificarea instalatiei mele si mai trebuie umblat cu opcom pentru selectarea cutiei pe manuala altfel nu porneste , am aproape 3000 de km de la modificare si nu am întâmpinat probleme bafta
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    Încălzire staționară Webasto

    Montajul Webasto este gata, azi pun un film cu parametri de functionare. Mai incolo cand mai am timp, am sa pun si restul pozelor. Montajul a fost interesant de facut, o sa povestesc mai multe.
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    Tutorial: Repair OP-COM

    Hello everyone, Many of us have official diagnostic tools: TECH2, MDI, VCI… But many troubles can be searched and solved with simplest tool: OP-COM OP-COM (or VAUX-COM) sometime gets corrupted due to a firmware change or a low voltage connection. When OP-COM software shows no connection or interface error is caused mainly by two troubles: the FTDI communication chip and the MCU chip itself (PIC18F458). Next steps will help you in the task of bring back to life your bricked OP-COM. *Note: this tutorial is only intended for those like have an OP-COM with the original Microchip PIC18F458 chip, forget to attemp with fake chips. TOOLS FOR REPAIR ARE ATTACHED TO THIS POST First part: regarding OP-COM FTDI chip. Firstly, we have to check FTDI chip. Go to Control Panel -> Device administrator and search for “USB Serial Converter” or “OP-COM USB V2”. Right click and open properties dialog, serch for “hardware ID” in details dialog. If yours shows 0000 at the end of the PID properties, as would be in this case: USB/VID_0403&PID_6001&REV_0000 instead of USB/VID_0403&PID_6001&REV_0600, your FTDI chip is corrupted. Sometimes is showed “4F50” instead of “0600”, both values are good. Next step is to flash FTDI chip with trusted OP-COM .ept file, wich contents rights properties for OP-COM software connections. So open MProg, go to Device -> Scan, this will show detected FTDI devices: Go to:File -> Open, and select OP-COM.ept from downloaded folder: Now, check for correct values (in GREEN). If all is right, flash FTDI chip (in RED): When finish, you will have a new serial number assigned to your OP-COM interface: Pay attention to next: close all and disconnect OP-COM from USB. Restart computer. Once operating system has been loaded, plug in OP-COM, go to Control Panel -> Device administrator, and search for “OP-COM USB V2” which appears with no driver installed: Right click, open Properties -> Driver -> Update Driver, search for driver in computer (not internet), select from a list of drivers, click on “show all devices”. Select from disk and search for driver included in downloaded folder (ftdibus.inf). Windows will ask you if you want to install non validate driver, click yes and wait for installation. Once finished, check in “Device administrator” if OP-COM appears as “USB Serial Converter” and if in Properties -> Details -> Hardware ID (PID) is correct . If you have done all, open OP-COM (or VAUX-COM) software and go to Settings -> Test interface. If your FTDI chip and your MCU PIC18F458 are ok, you will see your OP-COM firmware versión: If not, you have a bad day… MCU chip must be flashed and you need a Pickit programmer or any other compatible programmer. Second part: How to flash MCU chip. *This tutorial is for Microchip Pickit V3. Firstly, dissasembly your OP-COM and solder some wires as described here: Secondly, connect these wires to Pickit like this: You must to have something like this (do not take care about programmer used in image): Next, install PICkit3Setup.exe from downloaded folder. Connect all systems (OP-COM <-> Pickit <-> USB) before open Pickit software. Open software, go to “device family” and look for “18F4XX”. Software will now show chip as detected. "Read" chip and then "Erase" it. Wait. Verify chip, do a “Blank Check” and "Read" chip again. In “programm memory” all values must show FFFF in bits locations. Go to File -> Import HEX and search for “FW1.39+Bootloader.hex” file included in downloaded folder. In main window, under “Program memory” there is a field named “Source”. There must appears our firmware file “FW1.39+Bootloader.hex”. If all is ok, press “Write”. Pickit will program the MCU chip with OP-COM Bootloader and Firmware. When finish, make a “Verify” and a “Read”. If all goes well, now you have your OP-COM resurrected. Open OP-COM (or VAUX-COM) software and go to Settings -> Test interface. If your FTDI chip and your MCU PIC18F458 are ok, you will see your OP-COM firmware versión: *Note: If you want to update your interface from 1.39 to newer version, you can use OC-FLASH tool for do it (OC-FLASH is not included). Hope it helped you. Regards from Spain, Dario. OPCOM V5 Repair.rar
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