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    Budapest, Hungary
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    Zafira B and Corsa C upgrades. Only with original factory items (except: Zafira B heated rear seats)
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    Corsa C
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    175/65R14 alu for summer, 175/70R13 steel for winter

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  1. Hi Liviu, I have a Corsa C Z12XEP (2006/06). It came from factory with base equipment, but step by step I upgraded it (electric side rearview mirror, auto dimm middle rearview mirror, ECC, seat heating, silver savety belts, silver tacho frame and door openers) Next upgrade: DVD90+CID+UHP4+rearview camera with PepaS.cz VCU modul. I have all of the parts and TIS2000. I would like to ask some support/help/information from you. - May I use the Meriva A wiring schematic? - Do you know any 'trap' about wiring upgrade? - How can I set up the full system with Tech2? (I have a
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