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  1. hi guys i have a problem with my clone opcom , the test result show me the interface is not connected to the car . driver is installed , software recognize the interface presence , but cannot go further , i used the mprog to flash ftdi chip and was successful . but the same problem at software test , i tried oc-flash , it only allow to flash bootloader ,not possible to flash firmware , it shows error messege that maybe chip is burned or empty pic. when i plug the interface to the car red light is turning on , same as i connect it to the ubs , no other light blinking or turned on also . there is one strange situation with driver instalation also : with driver comes with opcom and also driver posted here , after i updated driver , one device will be added and another unknown device added too , so i updated secound device , third unknow device appeared , and so on .... , at the software it shows more than one interface in installed ! so i let only one device installed and one unknown left without driver , in other web sites i found another driver , which fix the issue and no duplicate of device remain present , but with both approach main problem exist . how can i solve this problem ? i used windows 10 , windoes 7 , 2 diffrent computers . and my interface is opcom china , double sided with the PIC18F458 chip .
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