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  1. Well, the last board I uploaded is the one of the OpCom I am waiting to arrive (AliExpress) (with big chip next to the board, since it is the one I read it worked well) I read that is the newest and best clone board, since the PIC is real while board is better designed. I will open it when received to confirm what it is... And well, the other one I have is fake, then it is likely dead... I Iwill try flashing through Pickit, don't really care if it completely dies, since it is already unusable. Hopefully I got a full refund thanks to AliExpress dispute mediation (seller didn't want to help) Cheers!
  2. Which is then v1.70? I bought a new v1.70 which is supposed to be original PIC and it is advertised as firmware upgrade capable. I doubt which is the real firmware though (I asked seller for original firmware file, who knows...) According to a guide which I found on Internet, this v1.70 is the "OpCom New" board, which is supposed to be the best of the clones made, here I attach an image. It can be reprogrammed through OCFlash and also has the ICSP port. It is easily identifiable because of the chip next to USB port, which can't be found on the rest of the boards. On the other side, the v1.99 I bought is the worst of the 4 clone boards available, the D5 and C22 are just a prove of the false PIC, which makes it uncapable of any modification of firmware. I didn't try Pickit way yet... And that is what I can tell u by now! Thank u all!
  3. I did cause it was said in a readme file attached in the CD. It said that if it didn't work properly, I should update it to v1.59 through OCFlash. I have no idea why the hell they included that shit. But well, thank u for the info!
  4. When doing test interface it shows v1.59 and serial number. For the drivers, I tried the ones included in Vaux Com and also the 2.8.00 manually installed, which are older. I am trying on 2 computers, Windows 10 and Windows XP, both are showing USB Serial Converter, and v1.59, but the only one which seems to try doing something (the screen changing and doing strange things, lights on and off in the dash) is with OP Com China Clone on the W10 computer. And yes, everything is showing as the first post says. So no idea. Is reprogramming the PIC possible as said in the first post? I tried to put the cables as described but I have no experience with electronics and it was so hard, the connectors of the PIC were pretty pretty small and I couldn't... Thanks and regards!
  5. No luck I removed them as u told me, but I am getting same thing. Well, as it did once, it looks like it is doing something on the car, it doesn't say interface no communication, but it stays in blank and says error. Still, I see the infotainment screen gets crazy, and if trying to enter to vehicle DTC, I got ABS and other lights on the dash, but nothing shown on PC. It says on OP Com CRC Error = 00 IC = 00 for Infotainment Sysrem, or for ECU Pressence check it says Init... And then it says no communication. Any idea? Thank u so much! PS: I got a PIC Programmer as said in first post, but I am not sure how to use it, since the pictures look confusing for me
  6. Hi! I have an OP-Com 1.99... I received it, and it didn't manage to connect to any of my cars. According to a readme included on the CD, I should update to v1.59 through OCFlash, but checking on the board it was a v5. I did it, and it kept on not connecting to the car. However, it can't flash any other thing now (latest fw file I have is v1.59), neither OCFlash or OPComFut, both read as v1.59 and no issue, but when trying to change to v1.39 or any other it says bootloader is empty and all these messages... On MProg I tried with different ept files, the serial changes successfully, but no real change is made... Any idea? Any other fw file I could try? Thanks and regards from Spain! PS: My OPCom board is as attached (PIC18F458 I/PT 1823SVU)
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