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  1. As far as i know ... Opcom new boards are not very good.... But i hope yours is fine.
  2. First that is the reason i put the pictures up is to show you how good boards look like... one has the original FTDI chip second a newer model the long type one Second: !07.10.2018 Surprise..... OP-COM Advanced MPC based ECU Flasher.... Latest firmware is V01.67 Latest software is 180603c So no way any firmware above 1.67 will be good is just a gimmick done like a 1.39 or 1.45 to look as way higher, what i like to do is use OC flash to flash it to 1.33 (if board is good and supports up to 1.59) and once i get in the op-com and do interface test, the op-com will flash it accordingly up to 2010 to 1.39 or if i open 120309 will flash to 1.45... (which means 2012).... For myself i have 3 interfaces depending of use and needs one running 1.39 one running 1.45 and a HQ using 1.64, but most of time is use 1.39 one in 100219 or 090821d last i found best using on Corsa C. So what i think you need to do is either find a source to get a good board, or to try to identify what you have already (can you take some pictures of the actual board? sometimes fakes are very convincing) the last you posted ... The chip next to the usb port is the FTDI chip that in my boards is either on the back (first of my pics, feel free to enlarge in photo bucket link) and second variation of the chip is the square small one in pic no 3 and 5 next to usb port. What opcom software do you try to use? as for example my 1.64fw will not work with old software. With win 10 is a issue anyway with opcom... so i would not try anything else above win7
  3. First try not connected on the car and make sure: Do you pass the interface test in op-com? What does it display? What is the ftdi driver that you use? Check device manager the driver for "USB Serial Converter" should be dated 12/07/2013 version if later is installed is 100% not going to work, if on win 10 has the tendency to put the latest driver...so win7 is recommended. Check at USB Serial Converted properties in details hardware id is correct like in the picture above from the beginning. If all above are covered and are ok....
  4. Hello, your interface i am afraid is a fake board is bad i think, D5 an C22 should not be there if the MCU is a original chip. I am sorry to tell you but you are not doing anything wrong... is just a very bad copy... you could try removing the D5 and C22 and give it a try like that... What are you after should look like this:
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