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  1. That's really not nice. Because it has become very very confusing this opcom thing :S :S But I guess that's the price we pay when we go cheap
  2. Yes that could be the mistake! But unfortunately that was the software provided in a CD by the seller :S
  3. It came with FW 1.59. I tried to flash with ocflash but no success it does nothing! It is still v1.59. Vaux com will test the interface and recognize it as V 1.59 but when I try to read cores form ECU it won't communicate with ECU!
  4. UPDATE** To use it I downloaded VAUX-COM 120309a+131223d+Ocflash_FW1.59! But opcom won't communicate with car's ECU (Vectra C). Even thought if I test the interface it will recognize it as FW v1.59! Attached please find pictures of: *Message when I try to read fault codes from car (while engine is running) *Device info from OPComFUT *Board and chip pictures
  5. Hi, It's me again! Now I got another op-com clone from china (aliexpress). I installed the software VAUX-COM_120309a+131223d provided in a CD shipped with opcom! Then I went to test it on the car but when I try to connect to the car, vaux-com would say: " you need to activate VAUX-COM before you can use it on a car for the first time." Can you help me with this issue please? Because I don't know if this is adequate software or if it will brick my device!
  6. Oh sorry to misunderstand, I'll put the facts straight again... 1. I bought a 12€ opcom from china. It works well for about 10 times and after that Windows could not detect the device at all. It just broke down out of nothing I did nothing to it I just connected to car normally like always! 2. I tried to install the drivers many times and I tried repairing methods e.g. flashing and programing but since device was not being recognized I could do nothing (No interface detected problem always). Then after reading more, I started to think what could have gone wrong? Did software bricked my opcom? Does it do this all the time or just when online (connected to wifi)? Can I buy another opcom and always use it offline?
  7. But I did not flash the firmware. I did do nothing to the software or hardware. I just connected normally via vaux-com finished the job. When I came next time to use opcom it was not working! Will vaux-com destroy all clones from china regardless internet connectivity?
  8. Haha. What a straight answer! Does this mean I must never use opcom while connected to internet? Can the software destroy opcom-s even if I always use it offline?
  9. I tried on a opel mecahnic's laptop his v1.59 woks great, my opcom says "Unknown Device" I think my laptop may have connected to a wifi network while I was using it. And I think the software bricked my device! Is there a way to restore the device?
  10. Hello good people and greetings to you! Yesterday I received my OPCOM v1.78 from aliexpress. Tested it, and everything was OK! Today I programed DRL Lights, and programed tire circumference. Everything was OK! After a trip today I wanted to program tire circumference again but now my OPCOM is not working! I tried re installing the drivers but no success, I also try to use "flashing" and repairing methods but with no success! My PC won't recognize the device (opcom)! Did my OPCOM broke donw? Can I rapair it? Is thre something I can do? CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!
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