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  1. thanks for your advice after all flashing device still working find someone to help me and we determinate where pin 6 and 14 (HSCAN) is not connected to relays and fuses and that is reason where I can't read my car ecu. Kind Regards P.S. Sorry for my bad english
  2. Okay, first I say sorry for non complete information where I provide. Original fw on device been showed 1.95 (but you know that is fake - anyway) software where been delivered is showedVaux-com 120309a, probably with filled data base up to 2014 year cars. When I connect car with that device and try to put automatic vehicle identification and after that press gmlan can, just show me if car is on ignition on, engine off - no communication with ecm. If engine is on pop up error where device is not powered from car. If I go to read body-instrumental cluster opcom is connected and I have option to program, but only that I have. can't read any of fault codes (if I have any). I try to flash few different fw, and everytime that device pass interface test and show current fw version. Sorry for my bad english and if I waste your time. Upload some photos on my device.
  3. can some one help me. Buy china opcom from ebay and try to connect to my insignia a18xer 2011. but device not read ecu. only where read is instrumental cluster and I can program option only there. when try to connect to ecu give me error no ecm communication. i flash few different firmwares. interface test passed and show me fw number where I flash and serial number match but still no success to read my insignia ecu
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