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Pacient Corsa C Z12XEP 2005, bateria muci după ce a fost lasată avaria pusă. Motorul a fost pornit cu un booster (mare greșeală după mine).

Imediat după pornire motorul a mers în 2 cilindri. Cilindrul 1 și 4 dezactivați de ECU.

Problema a fost de soft, după update la ultima variantă, motorul merge perfect.

Field Remedy: 2181

Subject: Engine Z10/12/14XEP - Lack of performance, misfire failure code stored in ECU
Agila 2005...2006,Corsa-C 2005...2006,Corsa-C Combo 2005...2006,Tigra-B 2005...2006,Meriva 2005...2006,Astra-C Classic 2005...2006
One or more, but never all misfire failure code (P0300/1/2/3 or P0304) stored in ECU. Only vehicles as of MY 05 (introduction of new EMS-system ME 762) might be affected.
Software weakness.
Improved software has been introduced in production for as of engine BP: 19KX3939. Model Corsa-D is not affected.


In case of customer complaint check ECU software version number and 
reprogramm if necessary. The improved software has been introduced as of the
following SW version numbers and TIS 2000-DVD's:
Model:               Motor:            SVN:              TIS 2000-DVD:
Agila                Z10XEP           .3154              DVD 78
Agila                Z12XEP           .3154              DVD 78
Corsa - C            Z10XEP           .3153              DVD 79
Corsa - C            Z12XEP           .3153              DVD 79
Corsa - C            Z14XEP:          .3153              DVD 78
Corsa - C Combo      Z14XEP:          .3153              DVD 78
Tigra - B            Z14XEP           .3153              DVD 78
Meriva               Z14XEP           .3153              DVD 78
Astra Classic        Z14XEP           .3153              DVD 79

No băgați un update de soft la ecu, că ajută.

Edited by liviu2004

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