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Tutorial: Repair OP-COM

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Hello everyone, Many of us have official diagnostic tools: TECH2, MDI, VCI… But many troubles can be searched and solved with simplest tool: OP-COM OP-COM (or VAUX-COM) sometime gets corrupt

Hello, your interface i am afraid is a fake board is bad i think, D5 an C22 should not be there if the MCU is a original chip. I am sorry to tell you but you are not doing anything wrong... is just a

First try not connected on the car and make sure: Do you pass the interface test in op-com? What does it display? What is the ftdi driver that you use? Check device manager the dri

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On 7/24/2019 at 12:29 PM, libb said:

can some one help me. Buy china opcom from ebay and try to connect to my insignia a18xer 2011. but device not read ecu. only where read is instrumental cluster and I can program option only there. when try to connect to ecu give me error no ecm communication. i flash few different firmwares. interface test passed and show me fw number where I flash and serial number match but still no success to read my insignia ecu

I have the same problem. can you advice what to do ?


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I believe software version too old. Nowadays there is 2017/2018 version available around. Provided your hardware can accept it and it is not fitted with fake (wrong) MCU chip.

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